Global Connect A/S
IT infrastructure images
and trademarks
Danish Radon Analysis
infographic design
Quovadis Consultancy illustrations
Webtrailer for QuoVadis
management consultancy (danish).
Danish Teachers Union
App interface design
GN Resound Trifork Software
App design

Gyldendal Publisher
Tales of the unknown
English online education
Illustration online bookstore
Web design
UI and illustration

MTIC - illustration for telemedical concept

Novozymes infographic
A Development Road

The Danish General Attorney
Illustrations for katalog announcing internal educational programme
Dorte Krogh Photographer
Web design

iKraft-agenterne illustration
Innovation specialists
Ekoconcept illustration
Engineering lifecycle calculation concept.
Flash animation
Ekoconcept illustration
E-parts illustration
Email campaign, 3D graphics
Ekoconcept illustration
Zealand Care
Animated clinical instructions
Posters for Outsmart summit.
Design, illustration, layout

DTU Scientific visualisation of biochar soil

Alexandra Institute
»Internet of Things« Comic book

Banking investment
Danish Shareholder Association. Member recruitment campaign.
Flash development and design
SEAS/NVE Interaction design IP/TV

ComX A/S Broadband
Infografic client services illustrated
Dong A/S water saving programme
Illustration, design, layout
The Administrative Library
Governmental subscription campaign.
Flash devolopment and design
Maersk Sealand A/S
Cool Facts employee development programme. UI and Graphic design
Avedøre Wastewater Services
Educational comic book. Illustration and layout
Avedøre Wastewater Services
The Water Route - an educational on-line instruction.
Illustration, flash and design
Suzuki · Tscherning
E-learning for offshore safety training
Maersk Oil & Gas A/S
E-learning for offshore safety training. Illustration, game design and UI
Danske Bank Engraving graphics
Danske Bank A/S
Graphics for engravings.
Online flash game cover
Megaman Energy Saving Lamps. Online flash game.
UI, design and illustration
Annual report
Graphic design and layout
for print
Annual report
A.P. Møller - Maersk A/S
Maritime manager recruitment programme
Annual report
Organisation of women’s shelters in Denmark.
The Beginning - Eve and Adam
The Scottish Bible Society
The Danish Bible Society
"The Beginning", illustration, animation
FastTV A/S · TDC A/S instruction manual and TDC A/S
illustration, layout og DTP
The Danish Bible Society printed design
The Danish Bible Society
Graphic design and layout
Fasttv flashbanners
FastTV Broadband
Flash animation, interaction, illustration and design
Brochuredesign, IT clients
Nordija A/S
Brochure design, IT clients. Design and illustration
Jolly Roger image
3D texture maps
Characters for Jolly Roger 3D-game
Between friends image
Actionaid Denmark
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke
"Between friends" (Venner imellem), illustration
Escape from Darkness image
Actionaid Denmark
"Escaping the Darkness" (Flugten ud af mørket). Illustrations