Gyldendal Publishers – Tales of the Unknown
Frankenstein characters image
Intro movie Movie intro: Dracula (00:57)

Collection of graphics produced for Gyldendal Publishers' web portal for 5th. grade english language education.

The theme on display is "Gothic tales" with 3 stories: "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde", "Frankenstein" and "Count Dracula".

ponter to the left The Frankenstein characters.
Frankenstein The creature awakens image
"Frankenstein": The creature awakens ...
Dr. Jekyll characters image
"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde": The characters.
Mr. Utterson confronts Mr. Hyde image
"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde": Mr. Utterson confronts Mr. Hyde.
Dracula characters image
"Dracula": The characters.
At the graveyard image
"Dracula". At the graveyard: The dog approaches Lucy and Mina